About Us

Chances are you’ve priced digital signage from the “big” companies before and realized the start-up cost was just too much. Or you’ve never even asked for a proposal before assuming that you can’t afford to make that dream a reality. That was all true, up until now.

Born out of the frustration of the barrier to entry due to the expensive equipment cost and difficult installation process Crosstream Digital has eliminated all of the reasons why you don’t have digital signage yet.

  • No start-up costs*
  • Easy to self-install (plug and play, no IT people needed)
  • Responsive to requests
  • Wireless solution (runs on WiFi)
  • Design services are available

* Some restrictions apply. Free equipment available for a maximum number of branches, depending on the contract type and term that you choose.

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  • Add video capabilities
  • Add News/Weather ticker
  • Add social media integration